We all grew up believing things about how to treat our health, lose weight, get fit, etc. What you have to do is perform some due diligence along the way, and this way you can weed out the good from the bad advice. Just because something has been disproven does not mean it was bad to begin with. These myths are just barely different than lies and are designed to get people to buy a variety of diet programs, supplements, and other products that are all being sold under the guise of helping you feel better and fitter. Here are three myths that you need to know the truth about.

If you have been eating one single apple each and every day, well, it’s hard to say if that really helps eliminate the need for a doctor. The road to staying healthy and getting sound digestive benefits are available from blueberries, too. In addition to strong antioxidant properties, they have their share of vitamins, minerals, and other excellent super plant foods. There are so many other foods you can mix blueberries with, and one of the most popular is yogurt but avoid those with high sugar content. Still, don’t discount the other fruits and vegetables that are out there because a balanced diet is a healthy diet.

To maintain fitness and health, ingest x amount of water per day – this is really some nonsense. What you need to think about is hydration and preventing it. The amount of water that you need to take in every day is going to depend on a lot of different factors. Your level of activity will obviously come into play, so this is has to be factored into the equation. One thing is sure, if you drink too much water you can actually make your self sick – so be careful.

You know that swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do since it works your entire body with the least amount of impact stress. You’re probably well familiar with the idea that you need to wait at least an hour between finishing a meal and going swimming. Nothing terrible will happen unless you are in an unusual situation. The reason it’s hard to swim after you eat is because eating takes the blood away from your muscles, which makes it easier for you to get tired out while you are starting to digest your food.

There are some things that are lies and only meant to take your money, and this is not just in fitness areas. But, we admit that there are some instances when this is easier said than done. Continue reading and learning, and this is how all of us can better prepare for the mountain of fitness information.

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